Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stop the Violence Meeting: Saturday Oct. 3

"You Are The Solution" Forum Presented by The Black Star Community PTA and the League of Black Parents The solutions to problems in the Black community are not outside of the Black community. The solutions are not in what we say, but in what we do. You are the solution!

In Chicago and across America, we cannot stop the carnage of Black children without you! You are the solution. Join us for our "solutions" forum. Even if you do not stay for the forum, you should please come to sign-up to be part of the solution.

"You Are The Solution" Forumat the Illinois Institute of Technology:

Saturday, October 3, 200912:00 noon; 3201 South State Street, Chicago

IllinoisPlease RSVP to Lauren at 773.285.9600

You should come to this forum prepared to do at least one of the following activities

(1) Volunteer for our Student Motivation / Mentor Program and become a classroom-based mentor for 6th- through 12th-grade students at least 3 times a yearVolunteer for our Real Men Read Program and become a classroom reader for kindergarten to 3rd-grade students two times per year
(2) Volunteer for our Destination College Program and become a college coach for 4th- through 8th-grade students two times per yea
(3) Join our 100 Concerned Women In Action to work with a team of women helping to solve the problems of the communityJoin our League of Black Parents and Black Star Community PTA to work for and advocate for the education of all children
(4) Attend Parent University classes that create outstanding parents at least 4 times per yearJoin our Million Father Movement, where fathers take their children to school or visit their child's school at least one day each month
(5) Join our Take A Black Male to Worship Day, where faith-based organizations reach out to young Black men 4 times per year
(6) Join our Fathers Club and take your children to free sports, athletic, cultural, educational and recreational events at least 4 times per year
(7)Become a dues-paying member of The Black Star Project to support the above programs.

While we are all part of the solution, this forum will feature these solution leaders:Phillip Hampton of Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy Spencer Leak, Sr. of Black on Black Love (Invited) Tio Hardeman of Cease-Fire! Rev. Franklin Ballenger of By The Hand Club for Kids Phillip Jackson of The Black Star

ProjectPlease RSVP to Lauren at 773.285.9600

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