Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Soul Café/ Give Me Some Sugar Updates- Spotlight on Local Business

My Soul Café

Neighborhood: South Shore
7201 S Exchange Ave
(at 72nd St)
Chicago, IL 60649
(773) 336-8592

If you haven't checked this little cafe out yet, you should! Steve and I had breakfast there last week-- we had croissants with egg, cheese, and sausage, and it was tasty. The croissants were delicious! The cafe also has some very yummy sounding sandwiches, a full menu of coffees, espresso, etc., and some beautiful looking cakes for dessert. We will definitely be back for lunch or dinner to try something else soon. The prices were VERY reasonable, too.

Give Me Some Sugah
2234 E. 71st Street; 773-363-9330

Steve and I purchased cookies at Give Me Some Sugah on Saturday, Sept. 26, and I just have to say, the goodies are still delicious. I must encourage you to give Chef Lenore's delicious potato chip & pecan cookies a try--they are fantastic! She said that they have been a big hit on game days and have been popular with both her male and female clientèle. We also sampled her cranberry scones and all I can say is WOW! More like a really fancy biscuit than a scone-- just great!

Props to Lenore, also, for the beautiful website. I hadn't visited the site in several months, and it has clearly been updated and now does an excellent job of highlighting the baked goods she has available. You can view the website by clicking on the link on the right, middle side of this blog page-- check it out!

AND REMEMBER-- Please support our South Shore small businesses!

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