Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We all know that when we call 911, it usually will take a considerable amount of time for the 911 operators to send officers to us. 911 prioritizes emergencies, and by the time 911 sends the police to you, the perp may be long gone. Here's what you can do to get better results:

(1) Call 911 and make a specific report. Give a good description of the offender (think shirt, pants, coats, hats, shoes, accessories, height, weight, license plate is a big one, etc.).

(2) If the event is occurring during normal business hours call 773-324-5555 (the Alderman's Office) and ask for Rosalind. We have implemented a phone tree system where Rosalind places a call to another community member, that person calls another community member, and so on. Here's the kicker: Every person on the phone tree calls 911 and reports the offense! Contact me by email if you're interested in starting a community phone tree-- obviously there will be lots of crimes that occurr outside normal business hours when the alderman isn't working.
(3) Call the number below that pertains to your situation. For instance, if you're constantly dealing with gangs nearby, and you and your neighbors keep logging calls on the gang hotline, there is a much better chance the police will focus on the gang activity in your area (think stakeouts, undercover work, other efforts that simply calling 911 can never accomplish).

3rd District CAPS Office
3rd District Tactical Office
Narcotic/Gun Tip Hotline
Gang Hotline
Illinois Liquor Commission

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