Sunday, January 18, 2009

Attention Beat 331 Residents-- Weigh in on this month's focus problem

As you may know, we will not be having a CAPS meeting in January or February. We will need to vote on a new focus problem for this month, and we will do this again next month, so that our officers can remain responsive to our community's needs. We will resume voting on the focus problem at CAPS meetings during the March 2009 meeting.

Officer Parlor was kind enough to provide updated maps showing the location of burglaries, roberries, and batteries in our area. We would propose asking the police to focus on 67th Street and 68th Street between South Shore and Jeffrey to address the multiple burglaries that have occurred in those areas.

Please comment regarding whether you agree with the proposed focus problem, or whether you would propose another focus problem. We will take all comments/votes into consideration and advise Officer Parlor of the new focus problem on January 23.



Tony Holmes said...

Thanks for posting this. I agree with asking our officers to focus on 67th-68th Streets -- South Shore to Jeffery. Another particular issue is the insurgence of drug dealers/loiterers that have been attempting to establish a regular trade on the 6700 block of Merrill and the corners of 67th and Clyde. Please, whenever you see anyone loitering at these corners, call 911 and report "drug activity". Be prepared to give descriptions. The 911 Operator may ask if you know where drugs are hidden.
The more we continue to call and report suspicious activity, the more perpetrators will know they are not welcome in OUR community.

Anonymous said...

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