Sunday, November 2, 2008


A resident of the 6700 Block of S. Oglesby Ave was robbed on Saturday afternoon. She was arriving home and exiting her vehicle when she noticed two young men in her garage. The men smiled, and our victim dropped her guard. She walked to her building's entry, and as she was preparing to enter she realized the two men were behind her. She was smart-- she didn't use her key to get into her building, which would have surely given the two young men a chance to push their way in as well. She turned to the young men and said, "you're not getting in here." The taller boy had his hand in his pocket-- indicating he had a gun. They snatched the victim's purse, injuring her slightly, and then they ran away. Thank god the victim-- our neighbor-- was not seriously harmed.

On Sunday afternoon, another neighbor noticed suspicious activity nearby and was able to snap the two attached photos of two young men. The boys appeared to be attempting to illegally gain access to the building located at 2315 E. 68th Street, between Oglesby and Crandon.

The photographer called 911 immediately and was surprised to see the young men react to an electronic communication device as though they knew police were on their way. They fled the scene and disappeared.

We can't know for certain if these men were the same two adolescents who committed the earlier Oglesby robbery, but they do fit our victim's description. These photos are not clear, as the photographer was not able to get a shot looking head on at the possible perps. Still, if you are able to recognize these young men, please advise the police. If you do not feel comfortable contacting the police you can email the blog information and it will be kept anonymous. For the safety of our neighborhood, the police need our help and assistance.

If you would like a higher resolution copy of these photographs, please email me.


Anonymous said...

We need feedback from the community to identify these perps.

Anonymous said...

I bet Fred Van Buren of Drexel Properities can identify these two thugs....maybe they're his buddies.....